What's StreamyT3k?

From the Fanat3k Radio project, Streamyt3k has for target to broadcast the international Free Tekno underground internationale scene via live stream (live sound & image) and by the online party organization, once each two mounths with reference artists from the alernativ electronic movement. In front of the the public authorities repression we need to find additional solutions to broadcats our art and creations, all in free sharing. The mess will reconize his own.

How it goes ?

the StreamyT3k are organised every two mounth, mainly at the end of the mounth and are about form 6h30 PM to midnight and half.

During this time four artists are playing each for 1h30 of sound performance :)

That's as simple as this :).

Who manage ?

The StreamyT3k are managed and organised by Fanat3kRadio and its team.

logo fanat3kradio

Newsletter actually outline
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Videos archives of previous StreamyT3k records!

Line Up streamyt3k I 18h30 → 0h30

logo tacotek

18h30 → 20h

Dj Kat (Tacotek)

Live Hardtek/Mental

logo rock-zor

20h00 → 21h30

Rock-Zor[nl] (Delic Crew)

Mix tribe OldSchool

logo anarkya

21h30 → 23h

Anarkya (DZK/FTK)

Live Hardtek/Tribe

logo radio bomb

23h → 0h30 ou plus

Radiobomb [uk]

Mix Drum'n bass/Breakcore

Line Up streamyt3k II 18h30 → 0h30

logo tié galériens sound system

18h30 → 20h

Le Viking - Galérien Sound System

Mix Hardtek / Tribe

logo aleatoire sound

20h00 → 21h30

Cali (Aleatoire Sound)

Live Hard Tek / Tribe

logo DMC GEE

21h30 → 23h

Gee [nl] (Declic Crew)

Mix Acid Core

how cancelled

Line Up streamyt3k II 18h30 → 0h30

logo scrat eul marnais

18h30 → 20h

scrat eul marnais

Live Tribe

logo aleatoire sound

20h00 → 21h30

MohM (Aleatoire Sound)

Mix Hard Tek / Tribe

logo sevenum six

21h30 → 23h

Sevenum Six

Mix Hard Tek / Tribe

logo LBE les boucles etranges

23h00 → 0h30

LBE (Les Boucles Etranges) - Network23

Live Tribe Mental

Line Up streamyt3k IV 18h30 → 0h30

logo farfaday

Farfaday (crop circle familly)

Mix Tribe to Tribecore

logo Kikstef


Live Techno Tribe

logo Vikkei

Vikkei (Trinacria rec, ATM23, Tomeen rec)

Live Acid Mental

logo redge

Redge (23:23)

Live Tribe

Line Up streamyt3k V 18h30 → 0h30

logo Nicklos Pas D'Blaze

Nicklos Pas D'Blaze


logo C'Rhum


(ODZ crew)

logo Stefan ZMK

Stefan ZMK

(ZMK/Symbiote/Obs.Cur/Peur Bleue/Mackitek)

logo Empatysm


(CapsCorp/Desert Storm/Epileptik)

Line Up Streamyt3k VIII

Corps à Core (RSF)

Live HardTek Tribe

Shaman (Oblyk Dfroké)

Live Tribe-Mental

Barouf (Enfants Sages Prod)

Live Tribe OldSchool

Sbume (Circuit Gang)

Live Tribe

Line Up Streamyt3k IX

Crayon Darakk & Le Mentalist (Syu Records)


Xtao (DSP Records)


Asphalt Pirates (freebooter rec / Statik Travel / RSF)

Live Tribe OldSchool

Scandal Orchestra


Line Up Streamyt3k X

Lilyth OrGaNik (6Tm O.S.F/ex T.A.F/3points)


Logo (PS)


Never Stop (Space Invaders/FreeUndergroundTekno Radio)


AxI@^^e23 (CH)

Analog Old School Live

Line Up Streamyt3k X

Crayon Darakk & Le Mentalist (Syu Records)

Live tribe

Sbume (Circuit Gang)

Live Tribe


Live acid mental



Contact us!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions !

Where we're

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Line Up Streamyt3k XII

The hours are just for indaction the order is not yet defined

Live broadcasted from the K'fé Quoi !!